3 Proven Ways to Get Your Sushi Knife Set – Hassle Free! In the same way, buying one from the market, whether offline or online, can be a tremendous task as there is just too much advertisements and marketing ploys out there that just cause the average person information overload. Still, that delectable sashimi treat, or mouth watering octopus and squid combination can’t wait and nothing’s going to stop you from getting the best cutlery set to help cook your masterpiece – even if it means stressing you out. You won’t get into that same rut if you follow these surprisingly simple steps outlined below. 1. Buy from a reputable dealer. It’s best if it’s a Japanese manufacturer as you are assured of high quality materials, but basically you can get that as well if you shop from a trusted source or have already a researched brand that you’ve tested and proven. If you want a hassle free time, avoid merchants that you haven’t even heard of, or seem to be unprofessional based from their website – even if they’re selling at rock bottom prices. Which brings us to the next step… 2. Be cautious about low-end bargains. Sushi knife sets come in different prices (roughly anywhere between $25 to $1,000) and for good reason. You get what you pay for. The ones that are in the lower end of the price list often have poor quality, rarely hold their edge, and are not as sharp as you expect. Looking for a great bargain with these kind of prices is the same as finding a needle in a haystack. It is time consuming, you have no guarantees, and it leaves you all stressed out. And if the difference is just a couple of hundred dollars and the trade-off is the result of your culinary masterpiece, stop and think for awhile and you’ll know that it’s not worth it. Some of the better sushi knife sets are commonly priced between $300 to $700. To avoid stressing your brain and wallet out, select a price point where you are most comfortable. Then go for it. 3. Don’t forget the sharpening stone! If you are familiar with sushi knives, you know that most are only sharpened on one side, for providing a cleaner cut. That’s why there are also right-handed and left-handed sets which you need to be aware of.

By Laura