3 Reasons Why The World Is Getting Fatter

3 Reasons Why The World Is Getting Fatter TV, Pharmaceutical Medicine and Junk Food are Making you Fat Getting fatter is all about storing fat in your body. Losing it is about being active and eating the right food so that you burn it. Nutrition and exercises are the only way you can lose weight. No magic pill will do this for you, and no specific low carb high protein or low fat high carb or low high whatever is going to work here. You can actually eat a lot of fatty food such as nuts, avocados, extra virgin olive oil and such and remain lean all your life. Here Are 3 Prime Reason why the World is Getting Obese Kids are becoming lazier and lazier. These days kids do not run around so much in the play ground any more. Instead they sit in front of the TV or the computer and play games. When you think about it back in the 70’s there were no electronic games and if you look at the ratio of fat and obese people in our world you will find it was much lower. Our children have many teasers to stay at home and not move, and in addition to their static position in front of the screen they have a big fat bucket of chips, popcorn or any other fatty unhealthy food they eat. Food companies encourage us to eat fat. If you go to the supermarket you will find tones of types of snacks in bags that you can buy for under a dollar each. These bags can keep a child’s and even an adult’s stomachs happy for quite some time so they do not require any real food. When they get hungry again they just open another bag. It is tasty, cheap and fulfilling. Great. What a lure to eat junk. If these people would know the cellular damage this type of food does inside their body they would never ever spend their money on cheap junk food. Now. The healthy food cost more, and that is a problem to a lot of people. Here in New Zealand 100 grams of raw pecans, cashew nuts, hazel nuts, almond etc… cost anywhere between $2.50 to $5.00 Imagine that – $5 whole dollars for just 100 grams of raw pecans. No wonder most people go for the cheep 100 gram chippies bag. Pharmaceutical companies use a lot of ways to keep us all sick. And I say this after a comprehensive research, believe me. It is a well oiled system where you go to the doctor with some illness or pain, your doc. will check you up and subscribe you with some medicine to take. You will then go to your local pharmacy and buy that and give your money to the big pharmaceutical companies. These drugs you take have a lot of side effects on your body, and all in all reduce your immune system. Once your immune system is down you are more likely to get sick of almost anything. You will then go to see your doc. and they will subscribe with another medicine… etc. I know a lot of old people who are blindly rely on pharmaceutical medicine for their health. Not a lot of people know that the best medicine for any illness is nutrition, problem is that your family doctor do not have the knowledge to subscribe you with… ahhm, nutrition rather than drugs. All the chemicals in the drugs you are taking over the years are an incredible encouragement for your body to store fat Post any questions or comments below this article, I am checking any comments daily and replies to them. You could also bookmark this to your favorite bookmarking tool.