American Sushi Roll Recipe: Spicy Shrimp Roll With Spicy Crab on Top I hope you enjoy my recipe for Spicy Shrimp Sushi Roll with Spicy Crab on top. Start off with a 1/2 sheet of Nori (seaweed) and a palm full of sushi prepared rice. With wet hands, press the rice to the edge of the nori (seaweed). You can add as much rice as you like, for my tastes I use a thin layer. Press the rice out to each of the edges, then flip over the seaweed. Now for the spicy shrimp mixture, I use frozen salad shrimp that I get at my local supermarket. Run them under some cold water for 3 or 4 min. to thaw, they are already cooked. Next move the salad shrimp to the cutting board and give them a rough chop. I still like to nice chunks in their so you know you’re eating shrimp, if you like it a bit finer, spend extra time chopping. Then you add one of my favorites, Srirachi hot sauce to taste. I make most of my rolls to medium, guest can always “get crazy” on their own. Make some fresh powdered wasabi to take it to the next level once it’s served. Then add a little teaspoon of mayonnaise to bring it together. The last ingredient is going to be the masago or the little fish eggs. They add a really nice depth of flavor to the spicy shrimp mixture. Next cover the spicy crab mixture with a plastic wrap and making sure to press it down to the top of the food and refrigerate for 15 to 30 min. to set up. Once the spicy shrimp mixture has set up we are ready to add it to the sushi roll. Be careful not to over fill your roll! Next add two beautiful slices of Haas avocados, Haas avocados gives it a rich creamy taste! Now we are ready to roll. Lift up the sushi mat closet to you rolling the filling over with the mat and press it down to compact filling. Roll the sushi over to complete the roll, press down to seal the roll closed. Next is to add the spicy crab to the top of the sushi roll. Spicy crab recipe adds another layer of taste to the American sushi roll. This step takes a little bit of time but worth it at the end. Not only does the presentation look great but what about the taste! You’re looking for a thin layer of spicy crab on top of the sushi roll, I use a small fork and my fingers to get this messy job done. If you don’t have spicy crab you could also use avocado, you could use fish eggs, or even thin slices of fish. That’s the beautiful thing about these American-style sushi rolls you can be very creative with them. When you done putting the thin layer of spicy crab on top of the role next were going to put a piece of plastic wrap over the roll and press it down with your sushi mat to have the spicy crab adhered to the rice. Then I take my wet serrated knife and cut the roll into each eight equal pieces. You start off by cutting the roll in half, then cutting each piece in half and then having those pieces again and the result is eight slices of the sushi roll. I like to plate this on a small square black plate, aligning the sushi pieces on a diagonal with the two end pieces on either side. I hope you enjoy the sushi roll.

By Laura