Asian Restaurants And Kosher Food

Asian Restaurants And Kosher Food Some of the best kosher restaurants just happen to be Asian restaurants. This may just be an interesting coincidence but perhaps there is something more significant at play here. In fact the fact that a conveyor belt sushi restaurant would be among the best kosher restaurants in an area has a lot to do with the immigration patterns of the United States through out the twentieth century. You see these restaurants tend to coalesce at least in their infancy around neighborhoods in New York and in California this is because these are the places that Asian immigrants descended upon. These also happen to be the places that Jewish Americans settled as well. Areas in Brooklyn and Manhattan have long served as the home of large Asian and Jewish populations. Some cross over was sure to happen. It is very easy for a sushi restaurant to be anything but kosher. They can fill their menu with varieties of shell fish and make themselves pretty unappealing to anyone keeping kosher. Yet because of the close nature of these urban terrains and the mutual understanding of these two cultures many sushi restaurants and purveyors of conveyor belt sushi are kosher. Sushi spots often tend to be among the most inventive, popular, and frankly best kosher restaurants in these areas. They offer striking new inventions, part Japanese traditional part American experimental. It is as if the cohesion of a variety of cultures makes these Asian restaurants into multi-cultural food laboratories. Crossing cultural lines is a great way to build a thriving business. Asian restaurants in New York and California, specifically San Francisco, have certainly built a cachet on appealing to a wide swath of the population while remaining somewhat true to their culture’s culinary identity. It allows new sushi restaurants to come in to town each year and become vital food hot spots. Kosher cuisine and Asian cuisine seem to go hand in hand in New York. The history of the United States of America is, in many ways, the stories of different cultures being driven together by commerce and culture. The cross pollination of ideas is what has created the rich tapestry of sights, sounds and tastes in this country. We are a nation defined by the space between our differences that we find some common ground and we grow together. It is the fusion of the kosher culture with the sushi culture that defines many conveyor belt sushi restaurants.