Basic Equipment You Need to Make Sushi at Home

Basic Equipment You Need to Make Sushi at Home Other than a good reference book that will show you how to make sushi at home, you will need some basic equipment that most home kitchens already have. But just to be sure here is a list of that equipment: Cutting Boards Wood is better than plastic because it is more resilient and less likely to dull your knife. It also looks better than plastic. You could probably get by with just one but it is quicker if you have more than one so you could cut different ingredients without having to stop and wash the board each time. Strainer A fine mesh strainer is a necessity for washing some of the thinly cut ingredients that are required for most sushi dishes. Grater You also need a fine one of these. There are some sushi that requires finely grated ingredients for looks as well as taste. Measuring Cups and Spoons Accuracy is king in these recipes. A dash too much or a pinch too little can change the whole complexity of the sushi you are making. Make sure the measuring implements are accurate and have plenty of gradations to them. Nonstick Fry Pan Some sushi requires cooking. You don’t want to have to use any oil when cooking those ingredients. It spoils the flavor. Plastic Wrap Don’t skimp here. You want a wrap that is not so thin that you can’t control it. This is used when you are rolling with the bamboo mat so you have to be able to manipulate it very well. Tweezers Some of the fish you use may come with the bones still in them. You need tweezers to help you get them all. Nothing is worse than a mouthful of fish bones after you plop your sushi in your mouth. The tweezers should have a broad tip and be ribbed on the inside to help hold on to the bones. Vegetable Peeler Another item you don’t want to skimp on. You need a good ceramic one that is well built and very sharp. You will need these to peel vegetable as well as make those cute little curls to decorate the plates with. There you have it. This should be the bases for a good sushi kitchen. These aren’t the only tools you will need but it will give you a good start anyway.