Buying Bamboo For Your Home Or Office Bamboo is a beautiful plant. You can purchase non-invasive bamboo these days thereby growing the plant indoors. The question is: Where do you buy this kind of plant? Burt Associates bamboo selections can be the answer to that question. This small family owned nursery has the expertise you need whether you are buying it for use as a privacy fence, or as a gift to give to someone special, whether you are located in the north east or south west, they have the knowledge to help you make the best decision for your need. Choose between clumping and spreading bamboo. Burt Associates bamboo selections are available in either style. It is important to keep in mind the climate in which you live, the amount of sun the area gets, and the lowest temperature that your area experiences. This is important to know when you are deciding on the plant that you wish to choose. The spreading variety spreads by extending modified underground stems. It then sends up shoots or new plants and continues to spread in this manner. the clumping variety will spread several inches per year rather than the several feet that the spreading variety often achieves. Both types are often used for screening purposes, but spreading bamboo is often required to be contained. Clumping bamboo is often used as hedges due to its slow spreading abilities it is much easier to contain its rate of growth. Burt Associates bamboo recommends planting it in odd number clumps and that the spreading variety be spaced 8 to 10 feet apart. It might look a little sparse when first planted but the spreading variety will fill in rather quickly. There are many ways to control the spreading of this plant. One effective way is to plant in the ground with the container still surrounding the underground stems. Place it near water since will not grow in a pond or other water source. Mowing a ten to fifteen around the planting in the spring yearly will keep the spreading plant from growing where not wanted. Burt Associates bamboo knowledge will help you to successfully grow beautiful specimens of bamboo.

By Laura