Can You Lose Weight Eating Sushi?

Can You Lose Weight Eating Sushi? Losing weight should not be all about eating a bland and boring diet, there are healthy tasty meal options out there if you become a little creative with your diet. Have you ever considered eating Sushi while on a diet? What Is Sushi? You may think of Sushi as quite a new type of dish (due to the recent emergence of Sushi bars), but in fact this Japanese delicacy has its roots as far back as seventh century China. People also assume that Sushi means raw fish, yet in fact dishes made with raw fish are called Sashimi. Sushi is a dish that may or may not contain raw fish and can contain thin strips of meat and vegetables, but it is made with a sticky vinegar rice. The sticky rice is normally wrapped around different types of shellfish, which may be raw or cooked. But is Sushi good for you, particularly if your goal is to shed body weight? How To Lose Weight Eating Sushi Sushi can be a really tasty nutritious meal and a healthy eating option if you eat the right kind of dishes and avoid some of the higher calorie Sushi treats. Sashimi is a healthy variety of Sushi that tends to be higher in protein and lower in fat than some other varieties of Sushi. It comprises of really thin slices of raw fish, but without the sticky rice or other fatty ingredients. if you are going to eat Sushi with rice, then eat brown rice which is more nutritious than the white rice option. An average portion of Sushi containing around 8-10 pieces of fish should be around 400 calories, it is also packed with protein and a great source of omega 3 fatty acid. Higher Fat Sushi Dishes There are certain Sushi dishes that have a higher fat content, and should be avoided or enjoyed in moderation if you are looking to lose weight. Tempura is a type of Sushi which is fried with a great taste, but also quite a high fat content. Certain Sushi rolls are filled with fatty dressings, Philadelphia rolls are filled with cream cheese and the California roll is packed with mayonnaise for example. You just need to be a little selective with the type of Sushi you eat if you want to lose weight. So if you are looking to eat more healthily but want to eat a tasty and varied diet, then remember that you can lose weight eating Sushi (as part of a well balanced diet).