Choosing a Sushi Knife There are three primary types of sushi knives: Heavy Duty Cleaver (Debo-Bocho) This type of knife is used for cutting through thick bones and filleting fish. Probably won’t need this if you are buying your fish in prepared blocks. Sashimi Knife (Sashimi-Bocho) This knife is used for the finish cutting. Cutting the pieces off of the blocks of fish and shaping the pieces into presentable offerings. Vegetable Knife (Usuba or Nakiri Bocho) Used for cutting razor thin pieces of vegetables required in the recipes. Also can chop or mince the vegetables. The knives can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel or new composite metals. Take your pick, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. For instance, while the carbon steel knife will hold a very sharp edge it also has the disadvantage of rusting if not properly maintained. The stainless steel knife won’t rust but it won’t hold an edge like the carbon steel one will. The new composite knives will hold an edge and will not rust but they are the most expensive of the lot. The main point you want to consider when choosing is to find one that is well balanced and comfortable, almost like an extension of your hand. Whatever you choose make sure you follow the following tips: * Don’t hurry. These knives are extremely sharp and will cut you before you even feel it. * Use a cutting board. Never let the knife hit surfaces that will dull or mar the blade. * Lay your knife down away from the working surface and pointed away from you * Keep your hands and knife clean and dry while using. Using a little common sense while cutting your sushi ingredients will go a long way to keeping you safe while preparing your sushi.

By Laura