Cookery Courses – Gourmet Experiences for Fanatical Foodies The vast majority of us all love food and the sumptuous variety of cuisines that are available on the market today. Fanatical foodies not only want to enjoy these new flavours, they wish to learn how to create them themselves. Food and cookery courses provide delicious gourmet experiences that enable customers to do just that! Recipients of a gourmet cooking experience can discover the art of making sushi, preparing homemade pasta at an Italian cookery class or even discover how to create a delicious and extensive Indian banquet. The fast pace of everyday working life dictates that we have minimal time to spend on cooking and the preparation of our meals. Therefore revolutionary cookery schools that provide ‘Dinner in an Hour’ classes are ideal to glean hints and tips from Michelin star trained chefs for each step of your chosen menu. Seafood remains a mystery for many budding cooks and food lovers, but it is fast becoming fashionable in many city restaurants, as well as being tasty and good for you. Learning the tips of the trade at a Fishworks cookery school will enable visitors to confidently identify and purchase fish, and gain invaluable skills in preparing and cooking all sorts of fish and shellfish in everyday situations and special occasions. Sushi is another delicious cuisine that is becoming fashionable, and more importantly, a healthy snack. However, hardly anyone tries to make it at home – because surely something which looks and tastes so beautiful must really be difficult to create? Not so. Sushi making courses help recipients learn about the different types of sushi, fish, rice and vegetable ingredients, before preparing three different types of sushi with expert advice from a top YO! Sushi chef. Thanks to gift experience pioneers cookery courses will have you whipping up culinary delights in no time.

By Laura