Delicious Types of Sushi Rolls For a Sushi Beginner

Delicious Types of Sushi Rolls For a Sushi Beginner When it comes to sushi, a lot of people have a hard time taking that first leap and trying their first bite of raw fish. If you did not know, sushi is incredibly healthy when eaten in moderation; the oils from the fish have numerous benefits for your health and sushi in general is low in fat. Here is some information about some of the most common rolls of sushi. The California roll is as basic as it gets. This is without a doubt the beginners roll. After you have eaten sushi for a while, you will most likely move past this roll, unless it is being offered as an Hors D’oeuvres at a wedding or other type of party. A salmon avocado roll is a great roll to get for several reasons. First and foremost, it is delicious. Second, both salmon and avocado have nutrients and oils that are very good for your skin. Finally, this roll is usually one of the cheaper options on a sushi menu. While a yellowtail roll by itself may be a little bit bland, adding scallions to this roll will create a great texture. The yellowtail is silky and smooth while the scallion provides a nice amount of crunch. Any time I’m at a sushi bar and I cannot decide what type of fish I am in the mood for, I do the obvious: get all of them! One of the best ways to get an assortment like this is to get a rainbow roll, which usually has a variety of salmon, tuna, yellowtail and whitefish on top of crab, cucumber and avocado. After you have graduated from the California roll, or if that just is not your thing, try a spicy tuna roll. Usually prepared with spicy mayonnaise, this roll is hard not to enjoy. These are just some of the wonderful rolls to try in the world of sushi. Next time are trying to decide what to eat, branch out and try some sushi.