Don’t Eat Your Peas With an Ultra Sharp Sushi, Sashimi, Or Ginsu Knife – Trust Me on This! Back in the day cowboys in the Old West, especially those who rode on horseback or ate dinner out on the prairie, well, they often did not have silverware or forks, some carried spoons for soup, but most likely they didn’t have anything. But they did have a knife, so they used the knife to gut the animal they were eating and then used it to eat with too. It worked out well, unless they were trying to eat peas or something small, then it made more sense to use their hands, otherwise it took them a long time to eat dinner. Taking a long time to eat is not so bad under the moon and stars out in the middle of nowhere, and yet, you can understand the difficulty. Now fast forward to the future, and today, we’d tell our kids not to eat with a knife, as obviously we don’t want them to hurt or cut themselves, but kids still do, and if we tell them not to do something, well they are much more likely to do it in spite aren’t they? Now then, I suppose if you were in the old West, and you had the steady hands to grab a rattlesnake, cut it apart, put it over an open flame, you probably had the dexterity to eat that rattlesnake meat off the tip of your knife. But, I’d like to remind you, that your children do not have that level of dexterity yet, and it would be bad parenting if you allow them to eat their peas, fruit loops, or pieces of their Pop Tart with a sharp sushi, sashimi, and Ginsu Knife. Trust me on this. Why do I feel this is important? I met a lady at Starbucks the other day who worked as a nurse in the emergency room at the local hospital, I asked her about knife wounds and gunshot wounds, and she said “Yes, we occasionally get those,” but what bothered her most was when little kids came in with cuts on their hands and face, from something as silly and stupid as trying to eat with their knives.

By Laura