Eating Sushi Can Benefit Your Over All Well Being

Eating Sushi Can Benefit Your Over All Well Being If you haven’t tried eating sushi yet, I guess you’re not alone. There are a lot of Canadians who have probably missed out on this delicious and nutritious Japanese delicacy. For what reason, I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s quite unfamiliar to us North American people from eating raw fish. We are a bit wary because we are much too afraid to contract some kind of viral or bacterial infection brought about by eating wrong choices of food. I cannot really blame you because although eating raw fish and meat is quite familiar to some cultures, specifically Japanese culture, introducing this to people who overly consume fast food and well-cooked food can be very strange. This was how I felt in the beginning, but not until I bite on my first sushi experience. I must say that the feeling of a raw fish melting in your mouth is quite extra ordinary. The soft smooth texture that bursts with flavor can be very inviting for a second, a third and even a fourth piece. But do you know that more than this extra ordinary culinary experience, there are other more compelling reasons to each sushi. And this is the health benefit of this traditional Japanese dish. We all know how eating fast food that are subjected to high heat and are mostly fat-laden can be very bad for our health. Well, the good news is there is an alternative to this habit. You can switch to eating healthy sushi, which are packed with high protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Because the main ingredient is mostly fish of high quality nutrition, such as tuna and salmon, you expect that your body will be nourished deeply by the nutrients that this main ingredient carries to the body. Another powerful ingredient of sushi is the piece of wrapping that the fish and the rice combination are placed. It is called nori sheets, made from fresh seaweeds that are full of ocean-enriched vitamins and minerals. Not to mention the addition of vegetables and fruits that provide additional source of anti oxidants and vitamins. All of this goodness packed in a small but terrible protein-enriched, low-calorie meal. Now how’s that for a nutritious alternative to your usual fast food meal. However, although sushi in itself is very healthy, you have to cautious in putting or dipping it into too much soy sauce. This condiment is quite notorious for its high sodium content and other forms of preservatives, which can be harmful to your health. So, the next time you enjoy your sushi, make sure that what you will enjoy are the combined flavors of the main ingredient, but less of the soy. You also have to be cautious not to over-eat. It may be very tempting to consume so many of this delicacy because it is low-calorie, but you have to know that a piece may very well be around 100-300 calories per piece. So, consuming more than what is modest can also turn out to be unhealthy. The next time you feel the hunger pangs, why don’t you go out and visit a sushi restaurant for a change. You will not only have a satiating meal, but you will also enjoy all the health benefits of this traditional dish.