Eating Sushi During Pregnancy

Eating Sushi During Pregnancy Eating Sushi during pregnancy can be dangerous for your unborn child but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact it is pretty easy if you follow certain guidelines which aren’t really all that hard to follow. To eat Sushi during your pregnancy you first have to understand why doctors advise you not to eat it. The problem with Sushi for pregnant women is actually the reason why it is so unique in the first place: raw fish. Raw fish may contain salmonella bacteria if not handled properly. Salmonella develop at an exponential rate the warmer it gets in their host. Especially in raw faunal food these bacteria find a good home to spread. Usually the spread of salmonella is prevented by cooking food, as this process kills all bacteria in meat or vegetables/fruits. However, since Sushi is not cooked you can see the problem. But what actually happens when you have an infection with salmonella? An infection can be life threatening and it massively drains out your body. It also reduces your immune defence against other illnesses. An infection can last from one to several weeks. Even when you are not sick any more you can still infect others for a considerable amount of time. Herein also lies to danger for your unborn child and the reason why doctors advise not to eat sushi during your pregnancy. Your child could get infected as well and since its immune defences are practically not existent it could die, which is the worst that can happen to an unborn child if you ask me. However, don’t be afraid even if you cannot eat sushi with raw fish there are several alternatives to raw fish that allow you to still eat sushi when your hunger is craving for some fine Japanese food. First of all you could go with vegetarian sushi which is also pretty delicious. Ingredients range from simple cucumber to avocado or even tofu. Another alternative is to just cook the fish. Crazy isn’t it? Sushi with cooked fish is actually not all that uncommon. Cooked/fried salmon is a pretty common combination with for instance cream cheese, avocado and a few spring onions. Then there’s also the possibility of eating your sushi with omelette. Fry 3-4 eggs, add salt and pepper and maybe even some salsa and use it as filling for a maki roll – that’s it. Another easy to cook safe recipe for Sushi. If you are a little bit creative you can find even more recipes that are safe. However, don’t eat too much Sushi. The nori leafs contain a considerable amount of iodine which can even be harmful to healthy not pregnant people. Yet, when you eat sushi in moderation even that can’t cause damage to your child. So enjoy your future sushi meals and enjoy the fact that you can still eat sushi without worrying about your unborn.