Facebook Marketing For Restaurants – Tsunami Sushi and Asian Bistro Tsunami Sushi & Asian Bistro is located on Columbia Avenue in Lancaster, PA. They serve some of the best Asian cuisine in the area. Recently, Tsunami set up a Facebook page for their restaurant. They are off to a fantastic start using social media to market themselves! Here is what they are doing right: * They get the basic stuff right – A lot of restaurants implement social media but will miss fundamental elements. In the case of a restaurant, not providing the MENU in a Facebook campaign would be extremely detrimental. A restaurant wouldn’t neglect to provide a menu on it’s main website so why would it be acceptable to neglect a menu in a Facebook campaign? Getting the fundamentals right can make all the difference in achieving success for Facebook campaigns. * Creative Branding – PA winters are no joke but Tsunami has used the weather to promote their brand. They simply took a photo of a recent stormy day from the front of the restaurant. The streets are yet to be snowplowed and everything is covered in white. The caption: “Still open”. This is brilliant because it works on multiple levels. At face value, Tsunami is saying that they are simply open regardless of the storm. If you allow yourself to look deeper, you may find Tsunami is saying a whole lot more. They may be saying “We aren’t going anywhere. We offer great food and know it. There may be many restaurants serving Asian cuisine in Lancaster, PA but there is only one Tsunami. We are here for you.” Ok, maybe I’m looking into it a little deeply but you get the drift: There is room for interpretation and thoughtful messaging can go a long way.

By Laura