Fresh Vegetables For the Sushi Making Experience

Fresh Vegetables For the Sushi Making Experience Used as fillers and complementary flavors in most sushi rolls, the right fresh vegetables could make or break your sushi making reputation. Since most of these vegetables are perishable, they need to be purchased and used as soon as possible. They can be refrigerated for a short period of time before use, but the fresher they are the better the end result is with your sushi. Below is a list of some vegetables for making sushi. Japanese Cucumber There are 4 very good reasons for being specific about using only Japanese cucumbers in your sushi rolls. 1. The skin is thin and delicious 2. They are not watery, so they don’t make your rolls soggy 3. No seeds 4. More tastier than their American or English counterparts Most Japanese cucumbers are about 1 inch thick and grow to about 8 – 9 inches long. Daikon Radish Looking more like a giant white carrot, the Daikon Radish is usually shredded and added to soups, stews, sauces and salads. Can be stored in the fridge for about a week. Daikon Radish Sprouts Similar in taste and texture to alfalfa sprouts, they have a much sharper, peppery taste and will add zip to any sushi recipes that call for them. Gingerroot Used as a flavor enhancer in sushi. Look for one that is knobby and shiny, not wrinkled and dry. Keeps for about a week in the fridge. Scallions Also known as green onions, this is probably the easiest vegetable to find. Almost every grocery store will have a supply of these. Shiso leaves Known as Japanese basil, Shiso is a pretty little notched leaf herb. It has a minty taste and comes in red or green varieties. Red is used to color pickled vegetables and as a garnish. Green is used in making rolls. Make sure you pick leaves that look fresh, not wilted or turning dark around the edges. There are also some pickled vegetables and frozen ingredients that are used in making sushi. Consult your recipes before making your final list so you won’t have to make repeated trips to the market to gather all your sushi making ingredients.