Get Thin Thighs – With These 6 Super Foods!

Get Thin Thighs – With These 6 Super Foods! Raise your hand if you want great looking legs and thighs? Who doesn’t, right? But how can you achieve beautiful, thin thighs (not to mention a tight backside) without killing yourself with hardcore dieting and malicious exercise? The answer isn’t that difficult. The best way to lose weight is to modify your diet, switching it from haphazard (at best) and make it into a healthy one. There isn’t a lot of voodoo to it. In fact, some things that taste good are actually “good” for your body. All of the foods I’ve listed below are proven to have excellent benefits associated with weight loss, and can be freely consumed without worries of excessive calories. They can actually become your allies when you are dieting to achieve weight loss. Diet Food # 1 – Grapefruits Generally, grapefruits contain lycopene, which is essentially to improve your heart’s health. Aside from this, you can also get fiber, vitamin C and potassium, which make it a very healthy food that you can include in your diet. It also helps in regulating insulin response to facilitate decrease in fat storage. Thin thighs sudden;y don’t feel so far away! Diet food # 2 – Beans Good sources of fiber includes but not limited to: A� Kidney beans A� Pinto beans A� Chick peas A� Navy beans They help in early satiety, which will decrease overall blood sugar levels even after meal and reduce fat absorption. Beans curb your appetite as well. Diet Food # 3 – Kale A cup of kale, which is a green and leafy vegetable and light, is only equivalent to 30 calories. It is great for salad, which is rich in calcium and fiber. In addition, it is also more nutritious than any other varieties of lettuce. Yes, we’re nitpicking, here, but you definitely want to get any advantage you can. Diet Food # 4 – Lentils These beans are good! One of the richest sources of protein and fiber is the lentil. It helps in the prevention of insulin and blood sugar spikes after meal, which essentially neutralizes the effect of high-sugared foods. Diet Food #5 – Quinoa This food is a South American whole grain that is both a rich source of protein and fiber. It contains all the essential amino acids that are necessary for the body’s health. Instead of eating starchy white rice or brown rice, you can take quinoa instead. look for it at your local grocer. Diet Food #6 – Green Tea The antioxidants found in green tea can neutralize the effects of free radicals in the body. The polyphenols and catechins both enhance digestion to enhance metabolism and therefore will help you burn fat faster. I like to sip green tea in the afternoon, after lunch, while I’m gearing up for the rest of my day. Well, that’s it: 6 Super Foods. Of course, these foods alone cannot guarantee you’ll lose 50 pounds overnight. Getting thin thighs and a lean, shapely body are a goal. And like any “real” goal, they take work. These foods can hasten your weight loss progress and put you on the super-highway to looking and feeling your best!