Having Sushi Kits Is a Great Idea!

Having Sushi Kits Is a Great Idea! Life is so fast paced that it’s tough to eat right, and having sushi kits in your house is going to make this a whole lot easier. Sushi is an amazingly healthy way of eating. It is a Japanese food that uses a vinegared cooked rice. This is also called shari. Now, there are numerous different types of sushi, but the main ingredient of rice stays consistent. The food that goes with sushi is called neta, and the most popular type of neta with sushi is of course seafood. This seafood is normally uncooked, and if you just have the meat itself it’s called sashimi. The common types of sushi are: Nigirizushi, Makizushi and Temaki Nigizirizushi – This is a sushi made by hand. It has a bunch of sushi rice that is in the form of a rectangle and is usually combined with some wasabi. There is then a topping or neta placed on the top of it. Normally the topping is tuna or salmon or some other fish. Sometimes there are toppings added and the most popular are: • tako or octopus • eel or unary • squid or ika • sweet egg or tamago • freshwater eel or unagi This dish is usually served in twos, and if you are getting a sample dish you may only get one piece of each. Makizushi – This type or sushi is rolled in a cylindrical shape. A bamboo kit is used to make this, and it’s the one you likely see most often in the supermarket and made from various sushi kits. The bamboo mat is also referred to as a makisu. Basically, it is wrapped in nori or seafood on most occasions, although it can also be wrapped in a thin egg omelet, parley, cucumber or even soy paper. Normally this type of sushi is sliced into six or eight pieces totaling one roll. Some common examples are: • Futomake • Hosomaki • Temaki • Uramaki Temaki – This is another hand-roll of sushi. It’s shaped in the form of a cone and has nori on the outskirts and various different ingredients falling out of the wide end. Normally it is about four inches long. You eat it with your fingers because it’s really difficult to eat with traditional chopsticks. If you want to eat it properly, you should eat it immediately because the cone will otherwise soak up all the moisture from the juicy filling and it will become soft and very difficult to eat. When being delivered, this sushi is sealed in a plastic film to ensure it doesn’t get soggy before consumption. There are hundreds of different variations of sushi, and testing different ones is a part of this delicious experience. You don’t have to go to a restaurant every time you’d like to dine on sushi. Making sure you have a few sushi kits at home is going to encourage you to enjoy this healthy eating style regularly at home.