Hawaiian Style Sushi – A Delightful Hawaiian Snack For Everyone! Apparently, Hawaiian style sushi is inspired by the famous Japanese sushi. Combined with rice and wrapped in nori seaweed, Hawaii sushi is normally made with Spam which is very famous in the islands. People in Hawaii are used to making Spam sandwiches straight from the can. Spam is very famous in the islands for many reasons, and it is said to that Spam is invented in Hawaii. Latest survey says that Hawaiian people eat more than six million canned Spam every year, ranking them the nation’s highest number of canned Spam consumption. Almost all restaurant in the islands serve Hawaii sushi. You can visit where you can find a wide variety of sushi dishes that can cater the need of your party. If you would like to consider making homemade hawaii sushi, here are the easy steps to teach you how: 1. Cut the seasoned dried Nori (seaweeds wrap) lengthwise. You can make two with the one whole sheet. 2. Once the rice is cooked, fluff with fork and leave it to cool down so you will not burn your hands when you start to make them sushi. 3. When rice is cool enough to be wrapped, place your rice molder on the top of the nori and fill it with rice. Make sure to pay attention to where you place the rice molder. It should be equally paralleled to one end of the nori. 4. Press the rice carefully and remove the mold. The rice should be neatly molded up and ready to be placed with toppings. 5. Lastly, to make it a Hawaiian style sushi, you can add any type of Span you like. You can also add scrambled eggs, sushi vinegar Furikake to taste, and toasted sesame seeds. You can serve Hawaii sushi during various occasions like birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, and during holidays.

By Laura