Hawaii’s Take on Sushi Sushi, a dish inspired from Japan, has now gained popularity around the world and is starting to pop out in different forms. One would be the Hawaiian sushi. This version is highly seasoned with more vinegar and sugar giving it a stronger flavor. Also the Hawaiian sushi rice holds up longer in humid weather than lightly seasoned sushi rice. However, due to the highly seasoned ingredients they say that it is quite overpowering in taste, but do keep in mind that taste preferences do differ with each area. Now the typical Hawaiian style maki roll is filled with the following: Gyuko (Sweet egg omelet) Kampyo (cooked goured) Unagi or teriyaki tuna Flaked dried ebi (shrimp) Seasoned shiitake mushroom But above everything else the one Hawaiian Sushi that really got my attention is the famous SPAM Sushi, it has become a very popular snack in Hawaii. I am a big fan of SPAM, I love it, but I have never thought that this canned good could be used as an ingredient for sushi. This should not come as a surprise though because spam is really popular in Hawaii, people enjoy it there a lot. They consume a lot of it, it is even said that spam originated in Hawaii so they really had it coming. Basically spam Sushi is made with the following ingredients: Hawaiian Sushi rice, NoriSeaweed wrap, and of course spam. That all? You crazy? Well it is all its ever gonna need nothing more nothing less, to add anything else would ruin it. This simple sushi is now being served even in restaurants and popular sushi bars. This only goes to show how versatile sushi is as a dish, sky is the limit as to where Aloha Sushi Hawaii could go. So if you do get a chance to visit Hawaii do not forget to try out the local sushi dishes, after all almost every restaurant in there serves sushi.

By Laura