Home Recipes For Sushi Rolls – 3 Advantages to Making Sushi From Home Without Raw Fish! Home recipes for sushi rolls should be simple to follow, delicious and safe. I think that the best sushi rolls and recipes for home are often those that do not include raw meat or raw fish in the ingredients. Here are 3 major advantages to making sushi rolls from home without using raw fish recipes! 1) Without uncooked meat, there is far less concern about salmanela, bacteria and disease! 2) Fresh, raw ingredients for sushi rolls is not always easy to locate. If you’ve ever sampled raw sushi that wasn’t fresh, then you’ll know just where I’m coming from! 3) Those at your dinner table will be far more likely to consume the delicous sushi you made once you’ve reassured them there was no uncooked ingredients involved! Everyone can make sushi but most think it must be much more complex than it really is. Below is an extremely simple recipe that anyone can do! The California Roll is one of the most famous choices for sushi. This roll has no raw meat and is a great sampler for those new to the sushi experience! Below I have included an extremely simple way to create a california roll at home. First, the ingredients 4 cups sushi rice 4 sheets of nori (aka dried seaweed) 1 avocado 3/4 cup crab meat 2 tbsp mayonnaise 1/2 tsp salt a. Cut the avocado in half, peel off the skin and cut the pieces into pieces. Now Mash the avocado. b. Combine some imitation crab with the salt and mayonnaise c. Cover a Bamboo mat with plastic wrap. Now place a sheet of the dried seaweed on top of the mat. d. Spread sushi rice on top of the seaweed and pack down firmly till flat. e. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice f. Now flip the sushi over so the seaweed is now on top. g. Place crab and avocado lengthwise over the seaweed. h. Roll the bamboo mat forward while pressing the ingredients inside the cylinder shaped sushi i. Press the bamboo mat with both hands then remove the rolled sushi. j. Cut into the sizes/slices preferred and serve. This is one of many great sushi recipes jam packed full of flavor that is easy and fun to make in your home. It also does not contain raw meat which is a good thing for the standard cook in the household.

By Laura