Homemade Japanese Nigiri Sushi Recipe If you have been in Japan, I’m sure that you have dined in at some kaiten sushi restaurant (kaiten means spin or rotate). To be honest, I like eating at the kaiten sushi restaurants more than eating at fancy sushi shops. I have dined in many fine sushi shops but what I like about the kaiten sushi is that it keeps my eyes fascinated chasing the sushi plates moving on the conveyor. I find it most entertaining to watch the plates pass by as we ate. The fun thing I like about kaiten sushi is the excitement if someone else had their eyes locked-on on the same plate that I have my eyes on too. It is like a race, a game, a battle, or a war on who gets the targeted plate first. Though you may not have a kaiten sushi restaurant in your area, you can always make sushi yourself. Here is a recipe for preparing sushi. Ingredients: – 500 grams Japanese white grain rice – One piece of konbu sliced in 2.5 centimeters bristles – One tablespoon of sugar – 2 tablespoons of salt – One teaspoon of glutamate – Several cups of water Toppings: – Six large fresh prawns (not cooked) – Five fresh scallops – 130 grams of salmon roe – 130 grams of fresh tuna – One tablespoon of rice vinegar or cider – One tablespoon of powdered green horse radish, Dissolve it in water to form a thick paste. A� Preparation: – Prepare white rice by washing it with water until they are clean. Stain for one hour. – Put the rice grains inside a rice cooking pot but in the middle of the rice grains add kombu then add more rice grains to cover the konbu. – Cook rice by using a strong flame just like cooking ordinary rice but just before the water starts to boil, remove the kombu inside the rice cooking pot. – Adjust the amount of water and cover the rice cooking pot again and reduce the flame to moderate heat. – Gradually let it boil for about fifteen minutes and for ten second just after you remove the rice cooking pan, increase the flame to full. Let it sit with for about twelve minutes. – Mix the sugar, salt vinegar and glutamate and heat using moderate heat, Mix well – Transfer the cooked rice onto a large bowl by using a wooden pestle or a plastic rice pestle. – Add a small amount of vinegar on the rice and mix well with a wooden pestle or a plastic rice pestle. Mix it using circular motion and fan the rice as you do this. This will make the rice shiny. – When the rice is warm enough to touch, wet your hands with a little amount of vinegar and make balls the size of meat balls. Topping: – Start by boiling salty water in a small casserole. Add prawns and vinegar inside the casserole and cook slowly for one minute. Cool and remove fluid. – Peel the shells from the prawns. Cut the scallops into two horizontal pieces. Cut the muscles into three discs. Cut the fish diagonally about seven centimeters long. – Spread a small amount of wasabi on each piece of fish and place it on the rice balls with the wasabi facing down. – Place the prawns on the remaining rice balls. – Arrange the sushis in a large plate. – Slice some radish and cucumber and arrange them around the plate. – Serve with soy sauce. I hope you try this sushi recipe.

By Laura