How About Some Nigiris? Review of Kintaro From Santiago De Chile The sushi bar is located near the “Plaza de Armas”, in the center of the city. The first thing you notice when you walk in is that the decoration: very Japanese style, clear wood chairs and tables, prints on the walls. Not long after you are seated, a waitress brings you hot towels to clean your hand which is always a good thing. Now the menu: makis, sashimis, japanese dishes, there is a pretty varied choice. For a starter we order 6 gyosas with a coke and a beer (a Kwak which is a tasty beer from Belgium, I know it’s better to drink beers with light taste when you eat sushis but I’m addicted to this one!), which were good but we are here for… SUSHIS! So my girlfriend chooses an “Osaka Maki”: a california roll of salmon and cream cheese wrapped with avocado. I choose the “Sushi Mori Especial”: different kinds of nigiri: salmon, unagui, reineta (a local fish with white flesh), fish roe, octopus, kanikama, shrimp and omelette. To drink, I ask a little bottle of sake, which you can order at the temperature you want (personally I like it warm). The dishes arrive, brought by the Japanese owner of the restaurant, who helps to serve because the place is grounded (by the way if you want to eat here a Saturday night, it’s better to reserve before). And in a few words: it’s delicious. Fish is so fresh, rice melts in your mouth, it was like having a box of candies! My favorites were the salmon, octopus, and the fish roe nigiris. In addition, the wasabi is really good, nothing like the one you find in tubes: really spicy, but does not mask the subtle flavors of the fish. My girlfriend’s roll was good, but nothing exceptional according to her. (not so easy to eat as it seems the avocado felled off easily) A top restaurant if you want to eat traditional sushis in the center of Santiago, in a Japanese atmosphere. The food is delicious, the ambiance is busy but in Chile it’s kinda normal, so if you prefer have a quiet lunch, try it a weekday (Advice: if you go there, try the salmon sashimis, they are cut thick as I like, by far the best I’ve tried until now.) Price: 40$ for a roll, a nigiri plate, 6 gyozas, one beer, a coke, and a bottle of sake.

By Laura