How to Always Eat Healthy Many people will tell me that it is too difficult to eat healthy food. This is especially true if you live a fast paced and stressful life where time is of the essence and you just grab whatever food you can during the course of your day. Eating healthy is one of the first things to go by the wayside. It is most easily ignored and is sacrificed in the interest of time. What we have to remember is that eating healthy is a habit and it does not have to done all the time. You should try to eat healthy most of the time. And the way to do that is through the use of spices. You see, eating healthy is not about eating bland and tasteless food. Instead, eating healthy is about eating the right types of food and being liberal with your spices. Pepper, Cumin, Garlic powder etc are spices that can add a lot of flavor to your food if used correctly. If you want to eat Tuna, for example, do not be satisfied with just opening up the can and dumping the meat onto a piece of bread. Try cutting up some onions and shallots and mixing the Tuna in with them along with some ketchup and paprika. This will spice up your tuna nicely. Most of the bad press that has come to spices has been targeted towards salt. Excess salt can cause high blood pressure and water retention but Salt in moderation can make your food taste amazing. But you don’t have to use salt if you don’t want. You can use other spices such as garlic and onion powder that can make your food seem incredible. Another idea for cooking fish is to actually buy a full fillet from the supermarket and use salt free Soy sauce, some bell peppers and a little bit of olive oil to dress your fish. Then simply bake it. Fish is great because if it very healthy for you and there are so many different varieties that you can never get bored with fish. So go ahead and experiment with various fish and remember you don’t have to fry the fish to make it taste good. Baked fish is excellent. A lot of people in the West have a fear of spices. Using spices does not mean making the food spicy. The goal is to make food taste good and to do that you just have to use a small amount of spice according to your taste. You should experiment with spices because many of them have been known to have powerful antioxidants that can contribute in a positive way to your health.

By Laura