How to Become a Sushi Chef and Start Your Career Making Sushi Art Becoming a sushi chef can be achieved in several different ways and is a very artistic form of preparing and serving food. More sushi than ever before is being eaten throughout the western world, encouraging more people to choose this as their career. Although sushi chefs are traditionally Japanese, there is nothing to stop you becoming a sushi chef if it is your passion. What is Sushi? Sushi is a traditional Japanese style of cuisine, consisting of rice and various other ingredients. The style and presentation of sushi may vary; however, they will always have one common factor, which is the Shari rice. The most common ingredients in Sushi are seafood and fish, which is eaten raw together with the rice. History of sushi The original style of sushi was developed in Southeast Asia and travelled through China before arriving in Japan. Originally the dish was extremely straightforward fermented fish wrapped in rice, where only the fish was eaten. The fermented rice was discarded, which seemed a waste for many Japanese people, therefore, the sushi that is seen today was developed. The sushi that is eaten today was created in 1799, and is considered the earliest form of fast food. Culinary skills needed It is always advisable to have some form of culinary skills before deciding that you want to be a sushi chef. You will need to understand flavors and foods before you move onto the complicated ingredients of sushi. You will need to learn traditional skills such as fermenting fish, and the correct fish to use for the sushi. Once you have the basic knowledge of cooking and professional kitchens, you will be able to take a step closer at becoming a sushi chef. Schools and classes There are some incredible sushi schools around the world that will be able to give you hands on experience as a sushi chef. You will be able to choose to specialize in sushi arts and Asian cuisine, and learn the many different knife techniques that are needed as a sushi chef. The training programs are usually designed for three to six months and are particularly intense. If you are not fortunate enough to have a sushi school near you, there are some excellent online courses that you can take. Learning the culture As well as the culinary expertise that you will require it is advised that you spend time in a sushi restaurant under the guidance of a Japanese master chef. They will be able to teach you so much about the traditions and culture that you need to embrace. Learning about the Japanese culture and how they perform the art of sushi will allow you to create stunning creations. Every element that you perform will need to be mastered, and this will take time. Career path as a sushi chef There are several directions that your career can go in depending on what you want to achieve. Sushi bars are fantastic; however, they are extremely limited to how much further you will be able to go. A Japanese restaurant is ideal if you want to achieve exciting things and maybe one day, train young chefs yourself. It can take many years to learn how to make the perfect sushi; however, it is a skill that you will continue to improve.

By Laura