How To Cook Perfect Sushi Rice

How To Cook Perfect Sushi Rice Sushi is a Japanese delicacy and combined with Japanese rice, the cuisine takes the name of sushi rice (shari) which is popular not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world. To make perfect shari, you have to first master the technique of making Japanese rice. Read on to find out how to make perfect shari. Choose the right kind of rice The Japanese dishes are often made from the rice that is a little sticky and the grains are pushed together gently. They can absolutely not be substituted with the long grain rice. Some people claim that normal long grain rice can be cooked till they are mushy to serve as a substitute for the Japanese rice, but unfortunately it does not work that way. There is no substitute for this. The best Japanese rice is called shinmai which is quite fresh. The fresh the rice is, the better shari would turn out to be. Things that you need for cooking sushi rice: – An electric rice cooker. A deep pot with a tight lid would also do. – Around 2 cups of uncooked Japanese rice. – 2.25 cups of water. In case you are using the electric cooker, you would be able to see the mark inside the cooker up to where the water has to be added. Rinsing Rinsing is a tedious task but also very important. It is advisable not to skip it. Add water to the uncooked rice in the pot and rinse it till the water is white. Drain out the white water and refill the pot with clear water. Repeat the rinsing process. Gently rub the grains of rice together. Add more water and rinse it again. Repeat the rinsing process till the water becomes clear. Drain the water out using a sieve and leave the rice in the sieve for half an hour. Cooking Add water and rinsed rice to the pot and soak it for 30 minutes to 8 hours. The fresher the rice is the less would be the time required to soak it. Switch and set the timer on the cooker to start cooking it. If the pot is being used, then boil the rice at medium heat while the pot lid is on. Change the temperature to high for a minute. Change it back to medium for 5 minutes. Change the temperature to low for ten minutes till the water evaporates. Sushi rice To turn the plain rice into sushi rice, you would have to use a large plate and a spatula. Pour the cooked rice out into the plate and pour the sushi vinegar (1/4) on it. Without mushing the grains, mix the vinegar and rice as quickly as possible. Mix till the vinegar has been absorbed and the rice is warm. Enjoy your sushi rice with your family.