How To Make A Smoked Salmon Roll With Sesame Toasted Seeds on Top Place the sushi mat inside of the gallon sized plastic freezer bag, this ensures that the sushi rice does not become embedded into the mat, and is easy to clean up when you make sushi from home. We want this to be simple to prepare, but look extravagant, so the less work, the better. Lay the Nori seaweed square on top of the plastic covered sushi roll mat. Wet your hands thoroughly. Add a handful of prepared sushi rice in the middle of the Nori and gently spread the rice out to the edges. Press down gently on the rice and flip the Nori over so that the rice side is down. Make sure to have the rest of your ingredients out and ready for this step. Lay the A�” by A�” slice of cream cheese to the Nori side of the sushi roll. I generally cut the cream cheese to about 75% of the length of the Nori sheet and then stretch it out to the edges. This adds an amazing creamy texture to the salty and savory smoked salmon. I know that you will agree that this is easily the best sushi recipe to use for salmon sushi available to make sushi at home. Next we are going to add the salmon to our Salmon sushi roll recipe, doubling the thin strip up to add extra salmon in the middle of the roll. Make sure that there is a good balance of smoked salmon and cream cheese in each bite of the Salmon sushi roll. I love the flavor combination provided by including both smoked salmon and cream cheese in a dish. It definitely makes for the best sushi on earth. Sprinkle the fresh cut crisp green onions across the length of the Nori sheet next to the cream cheese and smoked salmon combination. The aroma and crispiness of these onions adds a fresh flavor to the sushi roll that cannot be beat. The spiciness of the roll increases as you add more crisp green onions, so don’t overdo it. Roll the sushi mat over the roll, away from you, creating a nice seal with the rice, and press down gently. You want a tight, firm roll as it adds to the appearance, and the ease of eating for this roll. Roll it again to ensure that it is fully sealed. Sprinkle sesame seeds across the top of the sushi rice, but don’t overdo it! Sesame seeds are potent and can dominate the flavor of this sushi roll. Using a wet serrated knife, cut the Salmon sushi roll in half once, then each of those pieces in half again, and again until there are eight equal pieces of this delicious cooked sushi roll. Make sure to wipe the knife off between cuts so that the knife does not stick to the rice or Nori, and you’re your creation. Place all of the sushi roll pieces onto a square or decorative plate in an ornate pattern. The patterns that you can create with this are endless. The coloring of this sushi dish requires nothing more than appropriate and balanced placement on a classic black plate. The beauty of this roll stands alone.

By Laura