Impress Others With Your Sushi Making Skills Many important things should be kept in mind before a person should begin to learn to make sushi at home. It is not necessary that you are able to make terrific sushi on your first try, as there is a lot to learn. For example, rice being the main ingredient seems easy to make, but should be mastered perfectly to make good sushi. First of all, one should learn to make perfect rice, in order to make good sushi. Sushi rice is usually white, short-grained rice, in which vinegar is mixed to add a sour taste to it. Also, the rice should be sticky enough, but not too sticky as that would make a really bad-tasting food. So, it is necessary to learn to make perfect rice before making sushi at home. This way you can at least make vegetarian sushi easily. You should also remember that to make it with raw fish cannot be made right away. Raw fish is usually checked and frozen, to kill germs, and make it safe for human consumption. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to handle raw fish and to freeze fish to make your eating safe. Sushi chefs in Japan spend years to master the handling of fish and to professionally make it safe and to recognize important attributes, including smell, color and firmness. So, it is better to make vegetarian sushi at home to start with. Another common ingredient after rice, is nori. A nori is basically a seaweed which has been dried and made into edible thin sheets. It is used as a wrap to form the base of sushi and must be unflavored and of high quality. A flavored nori, available with salt or flavored with teriyaki sauce, can alter the taste so it should be avoided. Although traditionally, nori is on the outside but that is not the only way it is served. It can also be used on the inside of the sushi roll, with variations. Futomaki is the most common type made at home, as it is vegetarian and traditional. It usually has two or three fillings which are complimentary in taste, and uses nori on the outside. It uses a bamboo sushi roll to shape the wrap, which is also a very useful tool for beginners who are learning to make sushi. Sushi is a form of art, and visual aspects of serving sushi should be kept in mind. Sushi should look appealing and inviting, and make a person’s mouth water. You only need to practice to make good sushi.

By Laura