Keeping the Pounds Off

Keeping the Pounds Off We all are looking for ways to keep the pounds off these days. People are exercising, dieting, you name it, whatever it is, we’re trying it. The best way to do this is to eat the right foods, but be aware that everything that’s meant to be healthy may not be. A lot of foods have hidden fats that you may not know about. For quite some time now, health professionals and researches have known the benefits of eating fish. Fish can offer benefits to our health because it is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Sushi rolls may contain things like cream cheese or mayonnaise, making them unhealthy. But sushi can actually be a good meal, depending on the type and what comes in it. If you are going to have sushi as one of your healthy meals, stick with sashimi or basic sushi rolls, for example tuna rolls. In regards to snacking, dried fruits are often said to be a good choice, but little may know they also may contain hidden calories due to the fact that many brands have sugar added to them. Stick with fresh fruit as much as possible. Granola is another example of foods that are meant to be a healthy snack, but has added sugar before it is packaged. This means granola has more fat and calories. If you mix your own granola it will be sure to be healthier than buying it in the store. All you need is dry oatmeal, the fruit of your choice and honey to sweeten. Veggie burgers are an example of a food item that is supposed to be healthy but contains hidden fats. They are still relatively healthier than beef or turkey burgers, being that they don’t have the fat and cholesterol the others do. But what they do have is dressing which is used to hold the vegetables together and added cheese. Just be sure to know what the food you are eating contains so that you’re making a well informed decision each time.