List of Food Rich in Fiber – How Does It Help in Losing Weight? What food rich in fiber has to do with losing weight? Well, need for losing weight is so popular today because so many people live unhealthy life: fast food and hours of sitting in front of the TV or PC. Many of them eventually realize that they cannot go on forever like that and start thinking about losing weight. But what way do they choose to lose weight? They mostly choose fast and unhealthy ways, unhealthy again, in order to solve weight problems caused by unhealthy lifestyle. Ironic, isn’t it? Most of us do not realize what number of benefits we can enjoy by just choosing healthy food and healthy ways to live our lives or to solve problems as losing extra weight if we lost control over it. Fiber is just one important substance from many, that we must consume in order to keep our health best possible. It helps absorbing water in your system and softening your stools. This keeps you regular and regularity means general well being. Enough fiber in your diet also helps to hold back diseases as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. This should be enough to persuade you in importance of consuming food rich in fiber but for many people more important role of fiber is its huge part in helping losing weight. How does it help? As already mentioned above, fiber absorbs water and by it helps to ditch access water in your system. It also helps with keeping you feel full so with eating enough of it, you can eat healthy food, benefit from its richness with vitamins and minerals and still lose weight. Food rich in fiber is fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds but among them, you can still choose from richer with fiber and from less rich. In case of fruits, the richest are raspberries, pear and apple including skin, strawberries, bananas and oranges. The richest vegetables in fiber are artichoke and peas, than broccoli, turnip greens, corn and Brussels sprouts. Food as whole-wheat pasta and bread, brown rice, bran flakes, oatmeal are also great choices to choose from but the richest food in fiber by far are types of nuts and seeds as split peas, lentils and black and Lima beans. Use enough food rich in fiber in your diet and you cannot go wrong. It will solve more than one problem; keep your weight coming off and keep your health optimal.

By Laura