Making Sushi at Home – Have Fun and Save Money Making Sushi at Home Sushi is one of those common easy to make foods that has been marketed as a delicacy. As a result the cost for a dinner out at your local sushi bar is something in the neighborhood of outrageous. A great way to enjoy your favorite sushi meals and save money while you do is making sushi at home. Experiencing the economic downturn is hardly the best reason for making sushi at home. Though compelling, saving money never stopped anyone from having a good time. Making sushi at home can actually turn out to be more fun than the most posh sushi bars in New York and Boston can offer. Get yourself a few bottles of sake, invite some good friends, and get creative. Once you learn how, making sushi itself can be more fun than eating it. Sushi is blessed food. It’s beautiful to look at, fun to prepare, and very good for you. If you’ve never tried it I recommend you head out right now and get some for lunch or dinner. The experience will prove true everything I’ve written so far. You will find sushi addictive. It is filling and light creating a satisfied but not weighed down feeling. It is also very expensive. I’m not going to say it’s not worth it, I have been guilty of dropping many a paycheck on a great night of sushi and I don’t regret it but I’ve since learned a better way. The nutritional benefits are numerous; its high in protein, low in fat, high in nutrients, loaded with Omega 3’s, low in cholesterol, and is made from the best of every food group in a single roll. There is really nothing bad you can say about sushi. It is a perfect food source. Making sushi at home is a skill you can learn. Like most recipes it requires direction but it’s easy to do and fun to practice. Do your wallet a favor and please you palate as well by learning to make sushi.

By Laura