Making Sushi Rice – This is What You Need to Get Started Making that divine, chewy sushi rice and getting just the right sheen to it takes more than just a pot of boiling water. In order to make the perfect sushi rice you will need the right equipment. The following is a list of the equipment you will need. Electric Rice Cooker For an almost foolproof way to get your rice to cook perfectly you will need an electric rice cooker. A good one to buy that will provide plenty of rice for most sushi recipes is a standard 10 metric cup (or 6 US cups) cooker with a non stick inner pot. Expect to pay about $50 – $70 for a good one. Wooden Sushi Rice Tub A Hangiri or Japanese sushi tub is simply a shallow wooden utensil that resembles a short barrel. Ity is used to cool down the rice after cooking and it also absorb the excess water that the rice is laden with immediately after cooking. The best sized one to use with the above mentioned rice cooker has a 16 inch diameter with 4 inch high sides. Perfect for about 10 – 12 cups of rice. Rice Paddle Used to help dish out the rice help you place it in the tub. Called a Shamoji, it is a flat thin wooden paddle. It separates the rice from the side of the cooker and helps chop it up for cooling without bruising the rice kernels. Flat Fan (Uchiwa) This is a stiff, flat (but not folding) lightweight fan. Used to help cool down the rice after it is placed in the tub. You can use other ways to cool down the rice but this is the more traditional way to do it. Lint Free Towel You need a dampened, lint free towel to cover the cooled down rice while you are making the different sushi pieces. This keeps the rice perfectly moist and fresh for use as you progress through your sushi recipes. While you need more than just the right tools to make sushi rice, if you have these rice making tools in your arsenal you are well on your way to making the perfect sushi rice.

By Laura