My Favorites Types of Sushi and Sashimi I love sushi. There is no doubt that it is my favorite type of cuisine. The majority of people I know would agree. In recent years, sushi has become so popular that it can be found in almost any area, urban or rural. If you have a sushi restaurant nearby, here are some fun options of things to try. I happen to be a big sucker for shellfish. Any time there is a roll on the menu with snowcrab in it, or better yet, Alaskan King Crab, I feel compelled to get it. If you are not so comfortable eating raw fish, this is a good option for you. It should be noted that one type of roll that is probably not worth the amount of money it usually costs is any type of roll with lobster. The lobster is never as good as the type that you would have at a good seafood restaurant. If you happen to be hesitant about trying eel, do not feel ashamed. It is very common to be scared of eating eel. You should get over this fear, however, because the taste of eel is absolutely delicious. In fact, it is very similar to a barbeque flavor, in that it has a level of smokiness to it. One type of fish to look out for on a sushi menu is toro. This is the best of the best right here. I like to call toro, which is also known as fatty tuna, the kobe beef of the sea. It is just amazingly fresh and silky smooth. Be careful though, because it is usually listed at “market price” on menus, which means they can charge whatever they want for it. So prior to ordering toro at a sushi restaurant, be sure to ask how much it costs on that day. One type of fish that I do not care for, and you should probably skip if offered is sea bass. In general, I find it too chewy to be served raw, which may help explain why it shows up so infrequently on sushi menus, at least in maki (roll) form. Hopefully you found some useful advice in this article and are further educated on the types of sushi to get (or not get). If you love sushi like I do, then you know that one of the keys to having a balanced diet is getting some fish in there. At the same time however, try not to go overboard with the sushi, as too much of anything is rarely good for you.

By Laura