Myths and Facts About Maki Sushi The most common type of sushi is the Maki sushi. People enjoy it all around the world. It can be made with a large variety of ingredients, unlike sashimi or nigiri. Maki sushi is therefore suitable and a good sushi option for vegetarians and for those who do not wish to eat raw fish. People who wish to try raw fish for the first time, can overcome their hesitance by eating maki sushi which deceives a person into eating raw fish as it hides the appearance of fish. This is one of the most loved sushi all over the world. There are many different variants of this wonderful dish owing to centuries long evolution. As the world turns into a global village the sushi versions multiply. Different gifts of nature are used in producing new types of sushi. There is one thing common in all. That is vinegar rice and the fish is sashimi. Their combination results in traditional sushi and when rolled, produces Maki sushi. In order to make this fingerfood yourself, you should keep in mind some important points. High quality ingredients should be used in order to make the best sushi. Low quality ingredients do not make great sushi and you may end up wasting your time and energy if you do use low quality products. You should also be skilled enough to make sushi. Although it looks easy enough to make, but you need to practice for perfection. You may expect that your first few attempts would only get you ume sushi. You should also try to make the best rice, as that is the key ingredient. In addition to that, you should try to present it in a nice way when you serve it. You should buy a sushi set along with the pots and pans specially designed to make sushi at home. This will help you to make it as well as to present it. Sushi is a form of art in itself, therefore the visual aspects of art should be remembered while making sushi and to present it in the right way. Sashimi is a thinly sliced raw fish which is usually served before maki sushi. This dish may be followed by nigiri, which is a platter of rice topped with fish or prawn pieces. The sushi courses are usually broken apart by serving pickled ginger, which helps you enjoy each course with its own distinct flavor.

By Laura