New Generation Sushi – An Offshoot of Sushi For Western Culture The increasing popularity of sushi in North America has given the birth to the creation of New generation sushi, normally known as gen sushi. It is created to suit the Western palate, and is rarely found in Japan, as it appeals to the western tastes. People who fear to eat the standard raw fish sushi, can experience this type with a variety of vegetables, scallops and tuna. However, a few things are necessary to be kept in mind before you try it. Gen sushi is a spin off form of the traditional Japanese sushi, for those who fear to eat raw fish. This style of food has forms like the Boston rolls and the California maki rolls. It is a great option for those people who do not wish to try the Japanese fish dishes like sashimi or nigiri. It should be eaten in a specific way, whether you are trying the gen sushi or feasting on traditional Japanese sushi. Japanese culture has polite methods of eating sushi which are also observed in the western restaurants as well. As an example, you should be careful not to pass sushi from your chopsticks to another person’s, if you are sharing it with friends and family. It is considered as extremely inconsiderate and unmannerly, as this custom is used in funerals in Japan and is reserved for handling cremated bones. Also, you should be careful to place your chopsticks on your plate’s edge or on the chopstick holders. Do not place your chopsticks with their base touching the table, and the rest on the plate. You should also be careful as to the amount of soy sauce you take, as it should be not more than you need, so it does not get wasted. It is considered bad to waste food in Japanese culture, so you should not leave any sushi or food behind on your plate. Otherwise, it will be considered as an insult to the chef. You can generally find gen sushi at a specialty sushi store, but many grocery stores and Asian markets do have it in stock as there is a growing demand for it now. You can also try it at a restaurant, as many chain restaurants are now open that are special only for this style of sushi. Also, some American options will also be found at a traditional sushi restaurant, though that variety would be less than at a gen sushi restaurant.

By Laura