Nigiri Sushi – The Simplest Way to Enjoy Sushi

Nigiri Sushi – The Simplest Way to Enjoy Sushi Nigiri sushi is a two-kind sushi, meaning it is made out of a clump of sticky rice and a topping. The topping is oftentimes a type of fish or other seafood. Tuna, eel, octopus, prawns, shad, snapper and haddock are only some of the examples of the usual preferences for the topping of nigiri. There are times when the seafood topping or neto is held together by a small piece of seaweed to make sure that it will not fall off. Making nigiri requires a lot of patience on the part of the aspiring sushi chef. Because the toppings used are conventionally served raw, it is very important that the seafood used is of the highest quality. Only the freshest should be chosen to guarantee that the sushi served would taste and look appealing. Adding to that, no one wants to be worried about health concerns in terms of having to serve not so fresh appetizers. The sticky rice needs to be cooked with Japanese rice vinegar, salt and sugar. Once the rice cools, making nigiri can be started by forming clumps of rice by hand. Only then can the neto or seafood topping be added. Many people serve variations on a platter in order for the dish to look more inviting. Making traditional nigiri would take a long time to perfect and it would not be advisable for people who are meaning to make a lot of pieces in a short time. People who would like to serve nigiri in a food establishment should have a look at how a nigiri maker works to have an idea of how convenient it would be. Such machines are valuable for restaurants that serve different kinds of sushi because they can make batches of orders quickly and consistently. Most of these are also compact that business owners will not need to worry about the space that it would take in the kitchen counter. It is important to check the production capacity before getting in the business of buying one. For instance, it would not be practical to invest on an expensive machine that can produce countless pieces in an hour if it is intended to be used for a small food stall. Some of these even have features of doing different kinds of nigiri sushi which means a different shape for the sticky rice. Those would be perfect for allowing more creativity in arranging the platters to be served. A nigiri maker is quite easy to use. Even if the person attending to it is not exactly a sushi expert, the dish would look quite appetizing.