Ninja in NYC Combines Unusual Service and First-Class Meals to Create a Unique Dining Experience

Ninja in NYC Combines Unusual Service and First-Class Meals to Create a Unique Dining Experience One of the most innovative restaurants found in New York today is Ninja, attributable to its unusual service and first-class meals and deserts. Walk from the streets of Downtown Manhattan into a 15th century Japanese castle built by using the Ninja Bible as a reference. Ninja is made up of 2 sections, the Ninja Village which is made up of individual private rooms and the Rock Garden Dining for more of a lounging experience. You must keep alert here because you are the victim and this place is literally crawling with ninjas that not only serve your food but also perform magic, play tricks on you, and even hide in secret crevasses and passageways within the walls as well as drop from the ceiling to give you a little fright. It’s no typical day for these athletic servers who take months of training to learn how to move like a ninja using a physical art called ninjitsu, as well as learn about the ninjas’ background, and ninja magic to keep guests entertained. Featured on Travel Channel’s “Extreme Restaurants”, Ninja proves again and again to be a favorite of many. The dishes found at Ninja are a little pricey, but it is worth every penny to be given one of their many magic-filled “Ninja Art Dishes”. The food is made from scratch by hand using only the freshest of ingredients, many which are brought from Japan. One example of the Ninja art dish is a salad presented on top of a grapefruit that has a sword through it. When you pull the sword out of the grapefruit it releases oozing smoke clouds. Another Ninja Art Dish would be the Bonsai plant, which is a desert presented in the shape of a – you guessed it, bonsai tree. Many of the dishes are presented in such an elaborate way that you almost don’t want to eat it. How did presentation of the food get to be so original? The owner holds contests for the most unique ideas and picks the ones he feels will add to the life of the restaurant. The drinks at Ninja are anything but ordinary. Many of the cocktails contain muddled fruit or puree for an ultimately refreshing experience. If you want to stick to the Ninja theme, Japanese beers, vodkas, and sakes are also available. Ninja is open 7 days a week Monday-Saturday 5:45pm – 11pm and on Sundays & Holidays from 5:45pm – 10pm. Plan to be dressed for the occasion in smart, casual dress-wear and make sure to make reservations as seats go quickly for a restaurant of this caliber.