Sometimes, people want a delicious breakfast to start the day without preparing it at home. Since breakfast is often considered an essential way to begin your day, you need to prepare dishes that are healthy and filling if you own a breakfast restaurant. Try to offer a few buffet options as well for families or large groups that might want to enjoy breakfast together.

When you own a breakfast cafe Cheswick PA residents might enjoy, you need to have a niche in mind of what you know how to prepare and what appeals to customers. Younger customers might want healthier foods that they can get from a buffet bar while older customers might enjoy breakfast options that are more like comfort food, such as pancakes, sausage, and eggs. Try to offer a variety of foods without straining yourself or your chefs as you want the items that you prepare to be of the best quality possible.

There are certain permits and licenses that you’re going to need to apply for when you own a cafe. The first thing that you need to obtain is a business license. Make sure you have the proper tax documents in place as well as insurance coverage for the business, employees, and customers. You’re going to need to obtain health permits so that you can serve food and have your kitchen inspected before food is prepared. If you plan on serving any kind of alcohol, then you need to get the proper license for this as well.

As you begin to set up your cafe, you need to get equipment that will make preparing breakfast as easy as possible. Griddles and large pans are ideal for everything from biscuits and pancakes to eggs and various meats. Larger items that you might need include freezers, ovens, shelves for storing ingredients that are needed for preparing meals, and refrigerators. Try to offer a variety of seating options for customers. Some people might want to sit at a bar and drink a cup of coffee while others might want a comfortable experience while sitting in a booth. Aside from equipment for cooking and the seating options for customers, you’re going to need to invest in items for operating your business. These supplies include a phone, cash register, credit card machine, and fax machine.

Once you have all of the larger details in place, you can begin designing your menu. Most people enjoy eggs, but make sure you can prepare them in a variety of ways. Pancakes and waffles are good options to have as well. Try to offer different items during the summer season than what you offer in the winter. Your menu could include more fresh fruits and cereal options in the summer compared to French toast and warm meal options during the colder months. Keep in mind that there could be days during the week when more people venture out to enjoy breakfast at a cafe, such as on the weekends or on holidays, especially Thanksgiving or Christmas.

By Laura