Some Meals I Look Forward to Trying

Some Meals I Look Forward to Trying There is an endless list of restaurants to go to in New York City. Even if you eat at a restaurant every night for a year, you will still have your work cut out for you. Over the last three years in New York, I like to think I’ve made some head way, but there are still some ones I really would like to try. Marea is chef Michael White’s newest restaurant, located right along central park. It is Italian cuisine with a focus on seafood. This bone marrow and octopus fussilli has gotten rave reviews. The Little Owl is a West Village restaurant that is notoriously difficult to get into. This is because there are less than 10 tables in the whole restaurant. My roommate still raves about the soft shell crab and halibut he had there. Two of my friends won big in Atlantic City the other week, and as a result, treated themselves to one of New York’s finest meals and one of its hardest restaurants to get into, Momofuku Ko. After a 15 course meal, in which the chef is cooking right before your eyes as you sit around a counter, both my friends exclaimed this is the best meal they have had. Locanda Verde is a new restaurant that opened up in TriBeCa to enormous buzz. A true Italian neighborhood eatery, everyone and their mother is looking to try it, and so far, I have only heard great things. When it comes to sushi in New York, there are endless options of places to go. But what about if you want a specific type of fish, namely sea urchin? Soto, in the West Village is known not as a sushi restaurant, but as a sea urchin, or Uni, restaurant. Seeing as this is my favorite type of fish, I cannot wait to try it. OK fine, I have not yet been to Shake Shack. I know, I know, how can I call myself I New Yorker. As bad as I want to try that burger I don’t think any burger is worth waiting on a 45 minute line for. Just outside of Manhattan, in the heart of Woodside, Queens, resides a Thai restaurant that stands out above the rest. It is called Sripraphai, and has somehow garnered a 27 rating from Zagat, which puts it amongst the highest rated in the city.