Some of the Most Delicious Types of Sushi to Try If you have never delved into the world of sushi before, you are missing out. There is a reason sushi is so popular. If you already eat this Japanese delicacy, then chances are you love it. There is so much to like about the art and variety of sushi. The following are some of the most delicious pieces of sushi that can be eaten. If you like shellfish, then you cannot go wrong ordering a spicy scallop handroll. The handroll, by nature is shaped like a cone. Assuming the scallop is fresh, this is one of the best pieces of sushi money can buy. Do you happen to be an adventurous eater? If so, then you should definitely try uni, or as it is more commonly known, sea urchin. This is my absolute favorite bite of sushi. In fact, every year on my birthday I feel the need to go somewhere to get a few fresh pieces. If you do not like eating raw fish, then a great option is the spider roll, which traditionally consists of soft shell crab tempura. When’s the last time you had something fried that wasn’t delicious? If you happen to be a vegetarian, then you are definitely limited when it comes to sushi. You can always do a cucumber avocado roll, but that gets tiresome. If you are not a vegan, then you can try futomaki, which usually has mushrooms, asparagus and egg. When you go to a trendy restaurant, it is OK to feel tempted to want to try some crazy “designer” rolls as I call them. These rolls are usually quite pricey and although you lose the flavor of the fish when ingredients like mango and kiwi are introduced, these pieces are quite delicious. There are many other types of amazing sushi to try, but these are just a few options to consider, depending on your taste preferences.

By Laura