Sushi: A Favorable Dish Which Lures Foodies!

Sushi: A Favorable Dish Which Lures Foodies! Eating good and tastier is what we all desire. Tastier and healthy food options that can be prepared easily are really very much in demand these days. For people who have tasted and known the taste of sushi, there are a whole lot of options available for them to fulfill the real taste thrust. You can go to a specialized restaurant to order your dishes or make exclusive sushi recipes at home and throw a party for loved and near ones. Following are some easy tips that you should follow prior calling your friends and family members for a sushi dinner or lunch: Sushi: What is it? Mainly defined as a Japanese food, Sushi consists of vinegared rice along with a filling or toppings of your choice. Many people substitute this food item with a raw fish but there are so many sushi recipes that do not contain fish in it. So, if you are vegetarian or prefer meatless options, you still have options to enjoy your meal. Add your choice of vegetables and ingredients to enhance its taste and make your own recipe. Types of Sushi Nigri-sushi: Usually the most common and favored type of Sushi, Nigri Sushi is prepared with hand and available in oval and rectangular shapes. This type of sushi is made up with rice a neta, topping. Sometimes, it may contain wasabi, which is very hot and adds more excitement to the whole sushi recipe. Maki-sushi: Another popular form of sushi is Maki sushi. Available in cylindrical shape, these delicacies are generally wrapped in nori, a kind of seaweed. To give it a cylindrical shape, bamboo mat is used. Temaki-sushi: Very much similar to Maki-sushi, Temaki sushi is considered more intense. It is also known as Japanese taco.