Sushi Cat – Flash Game Review Sushi Cat is a delightfully fun game in which a cat is trying to open an elevator door… but he just is not big enough! So, using its own initiative, and by complete chance, he gets to work in the sushi store that he stumbles across. It’s your job to make sure he is big enough! The objective is simple, simply drop the cat down, and try and place it where it will collect and eat as much food as possible, however, you must take into account the multipliers at the bottom of the screen. You will be awarded points for eating the food; the total points will then be multiplied by the number of what container you land in. So, taking all of this into account, you must select carefully where to drop him. The main interface looks very puzzling, however, once you become familiar with it you soon realize there is not anything majorly complicated. The long stretched out stomach of the cat on the far left will display what food you have eaten so far, you must reach the top in order to complete your objective for each level. The number of cats remaining to drop is shown on the top left of the main screen. At the bottom, the containers indicate the multipliers, and to the right of this indicates what number level you are currently on. Finally, above the level indicator is the conveyor-belt, containing the food left that has not yet been collected. Naturally the levels will become increasingly harder, you will be given less cats to complete the level, and more obstacles that your cat will bounce off will eventually be introduced. Making it very difficult to determine what way your cat will bounce. This means the game is based quite substantially on luck, which may be off putting. Once a level has been completed, a score screen will come up, quickly totalling your score, displaying the points you have earned and what they have increased to taking into account the multiplier. This level score is then added on top of your total score. To summarize, Sushi Cat is a simple and unique game. It is available to all ages and intellects, and I can imagine the idea of a fat cat eating as much food as possible will be appealing to a younger generation. All in all, it should not be dismissed before you have even begun to play it.

By Laura