Sushi in Vancouver

Sushi in Vancouver Vancouver is a west coast town. Like many other cities on the west coast of North America, Vancouver has a large Japanese population. Japanese immigration has played a large role in the history of the city, and with this immigration has come a fusion of Canadian and Japanese culture. Without a doubt, Sushi is quite a popular food in North America. While it is now pretty much ubiquitous, even staple, in most cities on the continent the Sushi we have come to adore has its roots on the west coast, particularly in Los Angeles and Vancouver. The well known California roll and the B.C roll play homage to this history. As one would expect, Vancouver has a wide variety of excellent sushi restaurants. These restaurants all have an authentic feel, as they use fresh ingredients from the Pacific and traditional Japanese recipes. Bistro Sakana Japanese Restaurant – 1123 Mainland St Bistro Sakana is a Sushi Bar located in the trendy Yaletown district of Vancouver. While the Sushi Chefs use only the freshest ingredients, and every sushi roll ordered is delicately hand made it still is not an expensive restaurant! Entrees start at $8 and go up from there. One particular dish to order is the $11 Super 7. This allows you to sample everything they have to offer on one plate. In addition, they have a full selection of beers, wines, and sake from their bar. Miko Sushi Japanese Restaurant – 1335 Robson St Miko Sushi is one of those places that you might pass by and think nothing of it. However, if you were to step inside you would find a place that has been called one of the best Japanese restaurants in Canada, and is nearly universally lauded by every restaurant critic. The dishes at Miko Sushi are small, and a bit more expensive than other places but once you take your first bite you’ll remember why you paid the extra money. ShuRaku Sake Bar – 833 Granville St ShuRaku Sake Bar is a restaurant and lounge on the Granville Strip near many of the nightclubs and theaters. They offer elegantly prepared Sushi, Sashimi, and other Japanese culinary delights. While you will notice above average prices, the thoughtfulness of the food’s presentation more than makes up for it. They also have an excellent selection of Sake, which is a Japanese liquor that tastes somewhat similar to warm vodka and green tea. While Vancouver has many excellent Sushi restaurants, as the three examples have highlighted, there are many establishments which are less than exemplary. Remember that Sushi is raw fish and utmost care must be taken to ensure that it is prepared in a safe and hygienic fashion.