Sushi Roll Recipes – Spicy Crab With Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sushi Roll With Masago on Top Place your sushi mat inside of the gallon sized freezer bag. This prevents the rice from sticking to your mat, and makes it easier to roll up the sushi. Lay the freezer bag covered sushi mat out on the table in front of you. Lay the A� piece of nori Seaweed onto the mat. With wet hands spread a handful of sushi rice over the top of the nori seaweed, making sure to get rice out to the end of the nori. Press the rice gently but firmly into the nori seaweed until it is just compacted together. Spoon the Masago over the entire surface area of the rice. You can add the Masago as thickly as you want. I love Masago on my American sushi roll, and sometimes go a little crazy with its application, but it adds such a wonderful flavor that no one blames me. Sometimes I add the Masago at the end to the top of the sushi roll, instead of at this step of the recipe; it is really up to you to decide. Gently press the Masago into the rice. Flip the seaweed, rice and Masago over so that the Masago is now on the bottom. Next I am going to put some cream cheese in the roll; just take it right off the block in a long strip. Using the cream cheese in the rolls adds a nice creamy texture that combines well with the spicy crab. For the most beautiful presentation make sure that the cream cheese is down the center of the seaweed. Add the cucumber strips, one on either side of the cream cheese. Next we take the spicy crab and lay it on top of the cucumber and cream cheese, making sure not to overfill the American sushi roll. Remember that you can always add more heat once the roll is complete by providing some wasabi to dip the sushi roll into. Time to Roll: Grabbing the portion of the sushi mat closest to you, roll it over the top of the sushi filling to compact it into one solid roll, press it down, and quickly reroll, making sure that the two ends of the seaweed (that closest to you and furthest away from you) are touching so that they seal together. Notice how the Masago completely covers the outside of the sushi roll, giving it a stunning presentation. Add some Masago, sesame seeds, or avocado to your roll if you skipped that step above, or just want some additional topping. Using a wet serrated knife cut the roll in half, and then each side in half again and again until you have eight equal pieces of sushi. Place with the filling showing on an ornamental plate so that it is pleasing to the eye. If you are planning on having guests for dinner or cocktails this will make an excellent presentation. It looks as though you worked all day in the kitchen to make the perfect American sushi, when in fact it only took you minutes! These stunning and succulent treats can be finished with some delicious hot wasabi, and fresh ginger. Enjoy!

By Laura