The Best Meals I Have Been Privileged to Eat New York has some of the best restaurants in the world and over the past few years, I have made it a goal of mine to eat at as many of them as possible. It has been no easy task, but I think I have made a solid dent. While it hurts me to think about how much money I have spent on food living in New York, some of the meals I have had will stay with me forever. The first truly great meal I had in New York was at the legendary Gotham Restaurant. If you’ve ever seen or read American Psycho, then think of this restaurant as Dorsia. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then all you must know is this restaurant is a New York staple and could pass as the definition for fine dining. Sushi Yasuda is the best sushi that can be had in New York. I can safely say this after visiting all the top sushi spots. Go for lunch and get the $38 price fixe, which will give you enough fish to agree with me. If you are looking for adventure or romance, Blue Hill at Stone Barns is the answer. Located about 30 minutes outside of the city, Dan Barber’s farm-to-table masterpiece resides on a farm from which all the dishes are prepared. It redefines freshness. As of today, Le Bernardin is the best meal I have ever experienced. A friend and I went and did the 9 course chef’s tasting, which is a seafood masterpiece. Everything we had was incredible, with the standout being the truffled Langostine. But what will be my favorite meal three weeks from now? I only question this because I am going to Per Se. I had to make this reservation over 2 months ago and have been anticipating this meal ever since. A lot of hype to live up to, but I am confident that Thomas Keller’s staff will not let me down. Il Mulino is an old-world Italian restaurant that transports you to a living room. You better come hungry, and don’t fill up on the bread!

By Laura