The Ideas of Seaweeds Use And Preparation

The Ideas of Seaweeds Use And Preparation Depending on a particular vegetable, they can be consumed in a raw or cooked form. When you decide to cook them, do it lightly or short before serving, because if they are cooked too long their fishy aroma is becoming too intensive. Sea lettuce is quite popular seaweed that with its bright green color and a wavy shape resembles the land lettuce leaf. If finely chopped it is a good addition to risotto and tomato sauce. You can also put it into the oven, and after it has become crispy, sprinkle the lettuce on a salad or soup. A little less known dulse is a chewy texture whose color is reddish-brown. It is used to enrich the flavor of soups, especially such as chowder, minestrone and bouillabaisse. Dulse is a good addition to salads, noodle or vegetable dishes, as well. Although we all know sushi, not many of us are aware that the main ingredient of this Japanese dish is nori, a dark purple-black vegetable that changes its color into green after toasting. Make your own sushi by wrapping nori around rice, and a vegetable or fish. You can also use the seaweed as a condiment for salads and soups. Still another very popular in Japanese seaweed is kombu, a large dark vegetable that is used in soup stocks to improve the flavor. Apart from soup, you can add it in sliced form to stews or beans. The last one of easily available sea choices is similar to kombu, and is called wakame. Widely used to flavor soups like miso, the vegetable tastes delicious in vinegar and cucumber salads. As for salads, the seaweed must be soften in water, and then chopped finely. To make wakame a condiment crumble it when dry, and in this form enjoy it with steamed brown rice. When you reach for any of these seaweeds, try to choose ones labeled as organic foods. In this way you are sure that the product is free from heavy metals widely present in polluted ocean water, and that it doesn’t contain any preservatives that could be added during preparation. It is good when the vegetables are kept in tightly wrapped packages, so pay attention also to this aspect. Then, remember to store them in cool, dry places, where sunlight doesn’t reach or else they go bad. Enjoy good health and state with a tasty diet based on the mineral-packed seaweeds.