The Importance of Fish in Our Diets Losing weight seems to be a trend nowadays. But many people that think they are eating healthy, usually end up with no progress in losing weight. This is because all the hidden fats in the so-called healthy foods. Many studies have shown the importance of fish in our diets. Fish is a great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. So, it seems a good choice to choose sushi from a menu. But it depends on how the sushi is prepared. You can come across sushi that contains large amounts of calories because they come with cream cheese or mayonnaise. Some sushi rolls contain fried fish that is rich in calories and it’s not that healthy either. So when you choose sushi you should stick to the basic rolls. Another good snack option may seem dried fruits. They usually contain large amounts of calories, especially since many companies add extra sugar to this product. You should always stick to the natural option and go for fresh fruits instead of dried ones. Another packed diet food is granola. Many people have included this meal in their diets and they don’t seem to make any progress. Packed granola usually contains added sugar. If you like granola and want to include it in your diet then you should prepare it yourself from oatmeal and fruits. You can add some honey if you feel for something sweet. At lunch time, many people that are on a diet choose the veggie burger. This contains a large amount of hidden fats. Veggie burgers are very rich in calories. Of course they don’t contain as much as a meat burger but they have all those high-fat dressings. So it is best that you avoid veggie burgers as much as possible. Knowing these tips you can follow a healthy diet easily.

By Laura