The Top 3 Sushi Bars in Cambridge, Massachusetts Are you craving Japanese food while you are in Cambridge, Massachusetts? There is quite a few that offers authentic sushi. You don’t even have to travel to Japan in order to taste the real one. Genki Ya is one of the most sought after in this area. It is much recommended by a lot of people who tried it. If you are not familiar with Japanese food, their menu has pictures that would give an idea about your order. The price is so affordable and worth it. After tasting the food in their menu, paying isn’t so hard. You must try the volcano role that serves as an appetizer. The tempura is shaped in volcano. The presentation is quite awesome. If you love salmon, then try the King Salmon Torch Roll. There is a hint of banana taste but the flavor combines well. The location is 398 Harvard St in brookline. It is best to make reservations because the restaurant is small. Cafe sushi is rated as the best Japanese restaurant in the area. Although the decoration is not interesting it was well compensated with their menu. They offer different kind of rolls with unique taste. Their lunch special is a must try deal when you are in town. The work of art is so excellent. During Sundays, they offer one dollar sushi which offer good taste. Overall this place is truly amazing because of their service and food. If you are in Boston area, this place is one of the hottest. The ginger exchange is open even during midnight. If you are craving for sushi in the middle of the night, this is the best place. The restaurant is owned by Japanese. When you visit the restaurant, everyone is so friendly. The food being served is truly amazing. The sushi they served is very well made. The appetizers are so innovative. The best thing about the restaurant is that they can be customized according to your preference. The downside of the place is that the meals are quite expensive. This is true especially when it comes to their rolls and chef creations. If you want to try this restaurant, visit 1287 Cambridge St where the menu is tagged with competitive price. If you love Japanese cuisine, Boston would not disappoint you. If you look around, there are a lot of small restaurants that offer good food. It is best to explore in order to seek out which ones deserve your money.

By Laura