Top 3 Sushi Bars in Somerville, Massachusetts

Top 3 Sushi Bars in Somerville, Massachusetts Sushi bars are not hard to find in Somerville, Massachusetts. If you are a sushi lover, it is best to visit the top three restaurants that offer this kind of food. One restaurant is Taipei Tokyo. With this restaurant, the saying you pay for what you get becomes real. This is one of the most expensive sushi places in the neighborhood. If you know porter exchange, this is restaurant is in front of it. This is worth your money. Your sushi expectations would change after trying out this food. You will be treated with bursting rolls and generous serving of everything. Their menu ranges from maki combo, tuna rolls and California maki. Although this is a Japanese restaurant, they offer Chinese appetizers like little crab rangoon or peking ravioli. They are so good so you will spend less on the main course. The tempura udon is so comforting and filling. A notable thing about their restaurant is their waitress. Another good sushi place is called Snappy Sushi. This place offers something fresh so your money is worth it. The unagi is served warm. The edges are so crispy. Order the hamachi and salmon. There are sushis with brown rice. The highlight of this place is their appetizers like shumai, gyoza and karage. The table is very communal. Although the restaurant is small, everything is clean. Yoshi’s Restaurant is one of the notable especially in boston area. The rolls taste superb. All of the ingredients are fresh and well rolled. After eating the rolls, you would surely love this bite sized heaven. The rolls are price accordingly. The best ones in the menu are the eel-avo and maki. All are served warm and fresh. They recently updated their menu with fried lobster roll which is so delicious. The small bite size goodness is about $11. Another notable thing in their menu is the beautiful black dragon roll. This includes spicy tuna, cucumber, eel and black tobiko. You would definitely enjoy the fresh and generous pieces of sushi. One drawback of their restaurant is the service. It is quite slow however it is worth it. The quality and consistency is worth the price that you are offered. Check out some this places if you are a sushi lover. These restaurants are worth your time and money. Read some reviews of top restaurants that offer good food. If you are visiting Somerville, there are a lot of choices to select from.