Two Hour Eating Plan

Two Hour Eating Plan Eating is one of the basic things in life we do every day. We survive because we intake food and water. Without food, we can survive on water alone for a couple of days. But that’s not the point here. We are having current problems in terms of food because of the amount of preservatives it has. We can’t blame it on the food outlets we go to because their food is really designed to be cooked and brought out of the establishment fast; hence the word “Fast food”. We eat from fast food chains because we need food to be brought in front of us fast because we have other things to attend to. A problem arises there because the healthy part of our food is gone. Food from the fast food chains are injected and mixed with different preservatives for added taste, and for them to be preserved longer. We buy food from nearby stores, and in minutes, were back inside the house or the office. That’s how our life usually goes about. In the office, there are some that allows short breaks while there are some that don’t. Even if there are offices that don’t allow us to do so, we manage to eat in between sometimes with chips, junk foods, etc. One thing we should do is to monitor what we eat. We can eat in between meals as long as we eat healthy food. When eating in between meals, make sure you make it as systematized as it can be for you to monitor what you’ll be taking up inside your body. Instead of eating McDonald’s sandwich during break times or snack times at work, you can eat healthy ones like almonds, tuna and egg sandwiches, seeds, hard boiled eggs, low fat yogurts and wheat breads. If you want to try this one out, you can try eating every two hours with HEALTHY food. This way, you can monitor, feel full, and eat plenty. Eating plenty is a dream for me. I don’t know about you but it’s the one thing I would love to do. You will also be surprised to know by eating healthy meals every two hours; you’ll find your weight going down for some reason. Why? It tones down that food craving every lunch and dinner. You will find that you would not to want to finish your meal during main meal hours because you have that feeling of “I have something in my tummy”. Even with that feeling, the two hour meal should be continued in order for you to continuously feel that way.