Stinky tofu, as its name suggests, is a type of tofu that has a strong smell. You can make bean curd in many different ways depending on where you live. It is a favorite treat in China and Taiwan. The dish is called chou doufu in Mandarin.

Rotting garbage is the most common description of the unpleasant smell of stinky, rotten tofu. However, people have been known to use other descriptions. It was once a staple food for Asian soldiers. The flavor of tofu is usually milder than its smell.

To make stinky tofu, you can soak it in a brine made of shrimp and rotted vegetables. This gives the tofu its distinctive smell. However, starter bacteria can also be created from fermented milk and various meats as well as Chinese herbs. The fermented soybean tofu can then be deep fried, boiled or served with chili sauce.

Stinky tofu is often sold by street vendors in Asia. Although the smell can be a bit off-putting, the taste of the food is very popular. Tofu can be fried, boiled, or steamed. It can be eaten plain or cold, just like other types of tofu.

Stinky tofu, as its name suggests, is well-known for producing an unpleasant odor.

Traditional tofu is soaked in brine for several days. Depending on the flavor and recipe, this process may take several months. To speed up the process, street vendors usually only allow the tofu to soak for a day. The tofu’s color can vary depending on how it was treated and what cooking method it was used.

Sometimes, fermented milk is used to make stinky tofu.

If it is not properly prepared, stinky tofu can be dangerous due to its production methods. Food poisoning can be caused by improperly processed fermented tofu. Bean curd should only ever be bought from a reliable source. The reason the bean curd is so popular is because it is easy to prepare at home.

Food poisoning can result from inadvertently fermented tofu.

Many other flavors are often added to cooked stinky tofu. It can be prepared with many herbs and spices like regular tofu. You can also serve it as a garnish with many Asian dishes such as Sichuan mala soup or fish balls. Sweet sauces or other garnishes can be added to the tofu when it is eaten by itself.

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